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Streamlining inventory management for a major lights distributor.

Lavishka Partners

Key Challenges

The client sought to streamline their order management process through automation. However, existing solutions fell short of their needs. They required a custom-built system that could not only track inventory levels but also provide comprehensive visibility into the entire sales journey. This meant capturing every touchpoint, from sending product samples to final purchase.

Key Observations

Our custom web application has delivered significant results for the client. Following deployment, they've achieved a near threefold reduction in manpower previously required for manual tasks like creating challans, purchase orders (POs), invoices, warehouse orders, and delivery tracking. By automating these processes, the client has not only boosted internal efficiency, but also enhanced customer experience.


reduction in manpower requirements


faster deliveries with automation


visibility across all warehouses

Lighting up the business with data.

Unlike food and beverage companies, lighting products may not have expiration dates, but they do exhibit clear sales trends. Our platform leverages data to provide valuable insights. We can identify which lighting designs are selling quickly and pinpoint overall fast- and slow-moving SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). This empowers the client to optimize their inventory management by strategically reordering the right products. Additionally, our platform uncovers hidden costs associated with specific SKUs. By analyzing weight and fragility, we can identify products with higher transportation risks. This valuable information has enabled the client to set more accurate pricing strategies.

Improved efficiency through streamlined order processing

Prior to implementing our custom web application, the client's order processing was a manual and time-consuming process. Sales representatives relied on paper forms and spreadsheets to track orders, leading to errors and delays. Our solution automated the entire order flow, from initial quote creation to final delivery confirmation. This resulted in a significant reduction in order processing time, allowing the client to fulfill customer requests faster and improve overall operational efficiency.

Enhanced data visibility leads to informed decision-making

The fragmented nature of the client's previous system made it difficult to access and analyze sales data. Our web application provides a centralized platform for all order-related data, offering real-time insights into sales trends, customer behavior, and inventory levels. This data empowers the client to make informed decisions about product pricing, marketing strategies, and resource allocation. They can leverage sales reports to identify profitable product lines, adjust pricing based on demand data, and optimize their marketing efforts to target the right customer segments.

Improved customer satisfaction through enhanced communication

Clear communication is essential for building strong customer relationships. Our web application streamlines communication between the client and their customers. Features like automated order confirmations, shipment tracking updates, and real-time order status visibility keep customers informed and reduce inquiries. Additionally, the platform allows for online order modifications and streamlined returns processes, further enhancing the overall customer experience.

Increased scalability to support future growth

The client's business is on an upward trajectory, and their legacy system lacked the scalability to accommodate future growth. Our custom web application is built with a future-proof architecture, allowing the client to easily add new features and functionalities as their business expands. This scalability ensures that the platform can continue to meet their needs well into the future.

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