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ACME improves their services with our custom build condition monitoring.

Aswartha Condition Monitoring Engineers

Key Challenges

Relying on a variety of tools for monitoring, logging, reporting and dashboarding. ACME needed a simplified data collection platform with centralized view from all third party monitoring devices to enhance monitoring, analysis, reporting and alerting in case of machine faults to help prevent downtime for their clients.

Key Observations

Using our custom-built tool, ACME can ingest data from any vibration sensor, providing a comprehensive view of all factory machines. This enables remote monitoring of asset health across multiple factories in Asia, with automated alerts minimizing downtime and enhancing the customer experience.


reduction in MTTD


uptime goal, delivering better customer experience


uptime goal, delivering better customer experience

To ensure data acquisition remains resilient under massive loads from diverse sources, we need to simplify the strategy.

Ensuring reliability for thousands of machines across various factories require a platform capable of handling a massive data load from diverse sources. Traditionally, ACME relied on maintaining multiple SQL databases with siloed data, hindering comparative analysis of past data crucial for showcasing improvement in machine performance.

Furthermore, multiple analysts used different tools with different versions of SQL-based databases, leading to compatibility issues. ACME needed to ensure they could utilize their existing hardware for monitoring while simultaneously staging all that data onto a central platform for vibration analysis. To address these challenges, ACME partnered with Hopnet to develop a strategy for data centralization and build a customer-facing product for improved service delivery.

Powering workloads with ClickHouse DB.

ClickHouse is one of the fastest, resource efficient OLAP database, which queries billions of rows in milliseconds a perfect companion for managing over 20 million recording in a day. We built custom connectors that normalize data on site saving bandwidth and ensuring that data from all different sensors is ingested in the cloud and breaking the silos.

This approach reduced the data retrieval time for a single query fetching 43,000 data points from 4 seconds to 10 milliseconds. This significant improvement has led to increased analyst productivity and, in turn, enhanced customer experience.

Accelerating analysis with AI.

Our AI-powered solution analyses the vast amount of sensor data to identify patterns and anomalies that might signify potential machine faults. This translated to several key benefits for the analysts:

Automated Anomaly Detection: Our solution automatically flagged potential issues that deviate from normal operating parameters. This freed analysts from manually sifting through mountains of data, allowing them to focus on investigating and addressing the most critical issues.

Improved Root Cause Analysis: Our fault-suggest feature pinpoints the root cause of equipment failures, allowing analysts to focus their investigation and expedite resolution.

Taking off with full visibility and centralized insights.

After suffering through heavy turbulence with tools that had limited analytics capabilities or ability to ingest data from diverse sources, ACME saw clear skies with our solution. “With Hopnet’s solution, we get a picture of all our client sites and ensure timely reports for all the critical assets within minutes of receiving the data something which used to take hours before,” says one of senior analysts at ACME.

Our system generates high precision spectrums for data from any sensor eliminating the dependency on third party systems helping the ACME team to avoid vendor lock-in. Since, implementing our solution, ACME has observed a 75% reduction in MTTD enabling them to help reduce downtime for their clients, delivering a better experience for their customers and giving them a competitive advantage.

Our solution not only addressed operational issues but also helped them address concerns of various factories requiring data to be maintained offline, another area where our solution excels. With one-touch deployment, it empowered the ACME team to deploy the platform without any software expertise and ensure that all data for specific customer groups is maintained offline.

Road ahead: ACME’s single pane of glass for asset health monitoring.

Looking ahead, ACME is eager to extend this custom platform for its other services like Thermography. This will provide customers with a unified view of their factory's health and how ACME's services contribute to reliable operations, ultimately enabling them to manufacture products that delight millions.

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