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Improving process visibility for a major distillery with e-logbooks helping them reduce their processing times.

A Major Distillery

Key Challenges

A major distillery faced significant hurdles due to their reliance on handwritten logs for critical process parameters requiring lab testing. This outdated system created a lack of process visibility, hindered data analysis, and ultimately hampered their ability to make data-driven decisions for process improvement.

Key Observations

Our E-Logbook solution digitalized the client's distillation process management. They gained real-time visibility into critical process parameters, integrating seamlessly with their DCS systems. This empowered them to analyze data, identify root causes of low yield, and maximize optimization opportunities. Furthermore, the E-Logbook serves as a centralized hub for data storage, ensuring a clear audit trail of activities. It also fosters collaborative teamwork by providing a shared platform for communication.


record delivery


improvement in final yield


missed recordings

Accelerating the development with Frappe.

Selecting the right platform was critical for building a scalable solution, transitioning seamlessly from proof-of-concept (POC) to production. We needed a technology stack that facilitated rapid development with efficient iteration cycles, minimizing time investment and accelerating delivery. Frappe emerged as the perfect choice. It allowed us to focus on crafting the core logbook workflow, while the framework elegantly handled essential functionalities like user management, security, and alert management. Additionally, Frappe's open-source nature enabled us to create a license-free solution, keeping costs under control.

Challenges with the continuous process.

Continuous processes, unlike their batch counterparts with defined beginnings and ends, require uninterrupted monitoring and a customizable data capture flow. This ensures the collection of critical data points for later analysis. The system needs to be sensitive to variations in the feedstock, tank transfers, and any other factors that might impact the final yield. Additionally, seamless mapping of data from the DCS to specific recording times is essential. Therefore, near real-time performance is paramount for effective process monitoring.

Making ethanol with data.

Distillation may be a time-honored process, but supporting technology can be lightning-fast. Precisely controlled tank operations are the cornerstone of high-quality yield, and achieving this relies on real-time data.

Our E-Logbook solution empowers the team with instant access to all quality-critical parameters. This enables analysts to conduct in-depth evaluations directly within the platform. The system's on-premise deployment and mobile accessibility ensure seamless data collection. Operators can now upload results and obtain managerial approvals directly within the platform. Additionally, timely alerts prompt data entry and notify of any anomalies. These advancements have resulted in increased process reliability and faster, data-driven decision-making.

Making star quality products.

While ethanol fermentation generates valuable byproducts like CO2, livestock feed, and fertilizer, maximizing revenue from these streams hinges on consistent quality. E-Logbooks empower the team with complete visibility into the quality parameters of both the feedstock and final products. This transparency enables them to pinpoint bottlenecks and optimize the fermentation process for peak efficiency. Furthermore, the system integrates seamlessly with their ERP, automatically fetching raw material data. This allows for flagging batches with potentially low-quality inputs, ensuring consistent end product quality and maximizing the profitability of these valuable byproducts.

Building the best connected distillery.

The client is on a mission to create a connected distillery, leveraging automated data capture systems and integrating machine learning within our E-Logbooks. This innovative approach will transform their operations by enabling real-time data analysis that recommends process optimizations. Furthermore, the system will automate anomaly detection, proactively identifying potential issues before they impact production. Finally, machine learning will pinpoint root causes of failures, allowing for swift corrective action and ensuring consistent quality. We're thrilled to be their chosen partner in this journey towards a smarter, more efficient distillery.

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